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St. Louis Flat Fee Real Estate Information and Resources

If you live in St. Louis Missouri or the surrounding area and you want to sell your house you should consider the option of paying a flat fee to SOLD MY FSBO to list your house on the MLS so realtors have access to your home. Most St. Louis realtors don't look very far when they are trying to find their buyers a house, they just go straight to the multiple listing service.

Why do people choose a FLAT FEE realtor to put their house on the MLS?

The reason many people have started choosing flat fee companies like is because there is a need for it in the market. So many realtors that list someones house for them only put the house on the MLS and put a sign in the yard. Is that worth 3% of the value of your home? Most of the people we talk to say no. They prefer to go with a Flat Fee MLS company who will put their house on the multiple listing service and put a sign in your yard for $399.00 or so. Not only will you get a sign in your yard, but they will give you a free audiotour.

What is an audio tour?

An audio tour is something offered to home sellers in St. Louis so that they can cut down on the number of wasted phone calls they have to take. Most people don't like to be bombarded with phone calls from people asking how many bedrooms there are or if there is a basement, etc, when the caller isn't even qualified to purchase the home. The audiotour will help to alleviate these calls and make it so that the people that do actually make your phone ring, are qualified and interested in your home for all of its features.

This website is meant to be a resource for people who want to sell their house, what better way to feel comfortable with the process of selling your real estate in St. Louis than hearing from other people who have succesfully enacted the process.